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Larry Roberts

Quality Craftsman


I need to leave a note here in support of Roger.  I have three of his knive one is a persian folder with ivory handle and lots of filework, this knife is really nice to look at, considerable filework with gold braid on the ivory handle the fit and finish is first class.   Another knife I have that Roger made is a five inch damascus trailing point with mammoth ivory , a very functional knife and also nice to look at. My last knife  Roger made for me is an exact replica as far as the physical dimensions are concerned of a Green River Skinner. This knife sports damascus blade, mammoth ivory handle with a bull buffalo scrimshaw by Ginny Hall of BC, lots of filework by Roger this is a full tang knife.   Roger is easy to work with and I am glad to have made his aquaintance.   Quality craftsman, what else can be said.


larry roberts

Larry Roberts
03 March 2012