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I live in a small rural area east of Enderby, B.C. and have always enjoyed the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are part of my life and I have had a knife on my belt or in my pocket from the time I was a young lad. I consider a knife part of a person's wardrobe. I have been making knives since 1994 when I was challenged by a knifemaker to make a custom knife. I took this challenge seriously, and discovered that I enjoyed the task of taking raw materials and producing a high quality tool.

I began making my first hunting knives with old saw blades, but have since gone to the more superior steels such as ATS 34 and RWL 34. I also use damasteel stainless damascus and tool steel damascus from different suppliers when I want a knife to have some artistic dimensions. I took another leap in the business when a fellow knifemaker, Frank Niro, invited me to learn the art of making folding knives. These folders have become my passion and I am constantly trying to develop new designs and unique ways to showcase my wares. I contract out my scrimshaw to Ginny Hall from Armstrong, B.C. and my engraving to various engravers including Shawna Whiteside from Alberta, Gordon Alcorn from Montana and others.  

My hobby turned into a more full time endeavor after a serious logging accident in 2000 necessitated me taking a more relaxed attitude towards making a living. I now spend about 4 to 6 hours a day in my shop making hunters, folders, daggers, bowies and various miniatures of each, as well as the full spectrum of kitchen cutlery.  I use a wide variety of handle materials, from ivory to oosic to stablized wood products. I do my own heat treating right here in my shop and make the leather sheathes that house my hunting and larger bowie knives. I have an inventory of knives on hand for people to look at and purchase, but I also do custom orders for that special 'one-of-a-kind' piece of cutlery.  

I enjoy the network of knifemakers and travel to several knife shows throughout the year. I am an originating member of the Western Canada Knife Association. I sell my knives from my home and through this site. Please look at my galleries of knives, some that I have for sale and some that I have made in the past. Because I like to share ideas with other makers, collectors and prospective makers/collectors, I welcome all inquiries. In return, I have learned wonderful things from my fellow knifemakers. That is the beauty of any craft - there is always something to learn!

In addition to my three main galleries of hunting, folding and specialty knives (eg kitchen, collectibles, etc.), I have two other new galleries for you to look at.  The first is a gallery of SPECIALS!  These are knives that I have had for several years, have small imperfections, or is a knife I just want to get rid of!  They are priced far below the regular asking price.  Look back regularly for different knives being included here.  The second gallery is to show you some of the other things that I make.  Sometimes there will be things there for sale and sometimes it will just be a place for you to see what I have done 'for fun'.  

Prices range from $300 for a small hunting knife up to $1200 for a top of the line custom folder. I prefer payment by e-transfer, paypal or cash.  On a custom order, I ask for a 50% deposit before I begin the knife. All of my knives come with a quality guarantee.

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