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Mac McLaughlin

Out Performed Any Other Knife!

Hi Guys, I purchased two rwl-34 caping knives from Roger Hatt at the Montana Knife Makers show in august of 2010. I had 2 elk tags as 2 others in our hunting party. We killed 5 elk and I dressed all 5 with one of the rwl knives and it was still shaving sharp. I have d-2 knives ats-34 knives 440c and other knives thru the years, and this knife out preformed any other knife I have ever used. With Rogers craftmanship and this steel this is a great value. I ordered 2 more knives from Roger at the 2011 MKA show in missoula mt. for gifts so my hunting partners can dress their own!!!! Mac McLaughlin Missoula Mt.

Mac McLaughlin
13 January 2011