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Aaron McGowan

Blade Design, Quality, Fit, and Finish

I first met Roger several years ago at an Oregon knife show.  I was immediately impressed with his blade design, quality, fit, finish and all at a  reasonable cost.  I have purchased different types of knives from Roger and can attest to their efficiency in cutting, holding a good edge and being very durable.  The blades themselves are finished beautifully and all of the blades I have purchased from him have come "hair popping" sharp.  Roger is also a skilled leather worker and his sheaths reflect that ability and complement the durability of the knives he sells.  I have sent Roger several custom tactical knife designs, having sketched some ideas out on paper or sent in wooden models for him to get an idea of what I am looking for.  I am not aware of another blade smith who would be as willing to take on custom projects like this, and produce a tactical knife that fits exactly what I had envisioned.  I have been wearing Hatt made custom tactical fixed blade knives on my person, daily, for the past 3 years now and can vouch for the quality of the knives and sheaths that Roger has made for me.  He is very easy to work with and is a man of his word.  In police terms he is "dialed in" and I have a great amount of respect for his work, his craftsmanship and him as a person.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone looking for an edged tool and look forward to continuing to acquiring more of his work in the future.   If you are in law enforcement and looking for a custom made knife for a back up, I would talk to Roger about your ideas and see what he can come up with.  He has been exceptional in working with me.  I have used some of his knives in the "edged weapon tactics" courses I teach and have received great reviews.  I have also used some of his fixed blades while on SWAT.  Roger is one of the best kept secrets in tactical knife making and I will take advantage of that as long as I can before he gets too busy. His hunting, skinning and general purpose knives are all as good as his tactical knives and I have had absolutely no problems with any of the knives or sheaths that I have from Hatt Custom Knives.


Aaron McGowan
28 May 2011